Apus Launcher Small, Fast Apk For Android- Download

Apus Launcher for Android has gained its popularity for being the super fast and the smallest launcher out there in the launcher market. Available at free of cost in Google Play Store this launcher is widely used by the android users all across the world.

Apus launcher        Apus launcher

Highlights of the Launcher: The Apus launcher is noted for its distinct features that include but not limited to:

Cloud Recommendation: This launcher will help you explore all hot applications around. Also, it will recommend you apps that are top ranking, and as per your preference.

Speed: It is regarded as the fastest launcher for recommendation and organization of apps.

The Next Level Launcher: This launcher can be termed as “next level app engine” for its super fast feature. It is also trouble free and it comes with a package of only 1 MB.

Organize Your Apps Automatically: This launcher will automatically organize all your apps on the basis of their function. It really does an efficient management of your apps as well as your games.

Simple And Clean UI: The user interface is totally clean and you will find it absolutely easy to use. For some users the launcher has proved to be a saver of RAM usage upto 300 MB.

Battery Saver: It is a battery saving app and that will help you to keep your phone active for more hours without getting interrupted for battery charging.

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Apus Launcher 1.2.1

The new release of Apus Launcher 1.2.1 comes with an added feature, and that of a Notification Toolbar. This feature will work as an esay entrance for tools like alarm, battery, flashlight, and calculator. You can also disable the blur effect of wallpaper with this launcher.

To optimize the home screen of your android phone and to speed it up, start using Apus launcher for android.

 Download Apus Launcher Small, Fast For Android


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