How To Attach Files In Gmail Android – Easy Steps

How To Attach Files In Gmail Android: Gmail is the most effective Email application on Android. In order to gain access to the play store and for downloading any apps or games, you will need a Gmail account. With Gmail, you can easily send, receive and delete mails. But one of the common issues we face while attaching files in Gmail. You can easily attach any files in Gmail i.e. PDF, Audio, Zip, Docx, etc.,.

How to attach any files in Gmail Android ?

Attaching files in Gmail Android is very Convenient, simply follow the simple process we have mentioned below. Ensure you have the latest Gmail version installed on your device, If you haven’t installed, then install it from the play store. Open the Gmail Application and click on the plus icon which is located at the top of your Gmail screen.

Gmail App        Gmail App        Gmail App

Now add all the required information such as your recipient email address, Subject and message. To attach any file on Gmail click on the top second arrow and select attach file, now select the files which you wish to send to your friend. You can send the file up to 25 MB of size. Once you have attached the files, click on the arrow send button and you are done. When the recipient will receive your mail he can download the attached files easily.

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Alternate method of Attaching files in Gmail Android

If you would like to send Image or Video to your friend, open your phone gallery and select the images or Video and click on the send or share button and choose the Gmail app. Now your photos will be attached automatically to the Gmail, fill up your Recipient address, Subject and compose email and send it to your friend.

If you want to send any file such as Docx, PDF, etc., open the file manager or Es file explorer whichever you have installed. If you haven’t installed yet, then install it from the play store. Once installed open the file manager and select the files which you want to send. Now click the share button and select the Gmail app, give your recipient address and send it to your friend.

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Additional Gmail features

  • Send email to your multiple friends
  • Check your sent messages in the Sent folder
  • Save messages in draft
  • Easily search old emails and more

Thus, this was the simple procedure for attaching any files in Gmail Android. If you are getting any problem in attaching files in Gmail, then tell us in the comment section so we can help you.

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