Yahoo Aviate Launcher Apk For Android

Are you tired of keeping your mobile home screen neat and tidy? Do you get irritated as you have to go through many irrelevant steps to find anything on your mobile? Then Aviate launcher is for you. Yahoo’s Aviate launcher for Android will make your mobile use simpler.

Aviate will not only remove unwanted apps, but it will automatically organize your apps. It is smart enough to show only information that is needed. It surely saves lots of time and energy!

Aviate launcher        Aviate launcher

Aviate is a home screen replacement for Android phones, and it is simple to use but still looks attractive. This is essential for them who always want a well-managed home screen and fast access to widgets and apps from various home screens. It follows the same pattern of that of all Yahoo apps! Its interface is essentially simple, clean, and yet colorful.

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After you set up Aviate, you will choose your most favorite apps along with you best suited app categories. This selection helps Aviate to arrange apps according to their usage.

The home screen of your phone will look very impressive, clean, tight, and well managed. Android offers huge variety of home screens for arranging your most suited widgets and apps. With Aviate you will not need too many home screens, and well managed home screen will help opening the correct app easily.

Key Features  Of Yahoo Aviate Launcher for Android

  • This launcher is simple and easy-to-use.
  • It helps you to beautify the home screen of your mobile making it junk free.
  • It acts smart in the sense it helps you to display apps and content based on the context.
  • It helps you top stay organized with your apps.

In no time you can make the home screen of your android smartphone smart, clean, and useful by using this launcher.

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