7 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android

7 Best Battery Saver Apps For Android

Android phones have a lot of advantages owing to the number of apps available that can be downloaded from Google Play for free or for a small amount. But the apps can help perform wide functions right from allowing one to prepare office documents and presentations to learn cooking. From religious apps to relaxing apps, shopping apps to various gaming apps, all are present in the Play Store. There is an app for any conceivable option one can think of, however your phone’s battery might take a beating as you use the various apps. But that is not reason to fret as there are apps to increase the battery life of the phone too, confirming the claim that there are apps for everything.

There are a number of apps available to prolong the battery life of an android phone and as with other apps, the confusion arises, like which app is the best or more user friendly and which perform the best! The choice is narrowed down below to 7 such apps which are the best, and their unique features are listed too.

  1. DU Battery Saver- Power Doctor

DU Battery Saver        DU Battery Saver

This free battery saving app helps save battery by up to 50% longer thanks to its pre-set battery power management modes, healthy charge stage features and controls which are one-touch. The app has various features such as it instantly locates and solves battery problems using the ‘Optimize’ option. The app is simple to use too as users can even create their own modes for greater energy saving and high performance. The features of the app are easy and effective along with being powerful and it is convenient to use as the app adapts to specific individual needs. Additionally the app is global and supports many languages such as English, Portuguese, French, German and that of Turkey, Italy, Indonesia and Brazil, etc.

The advantages of such an app are its features which allow accurate status check of the battery, pre-set modes that can be customised, instant battery power optimisation at the click of a button and detailed battery details as well as a great home screen widget that allows optimisation from anywhere.

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  1. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

Battery Doctor        Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is also a free app that saves battery life by pinpointing the causes that drain the battery and gives the Android phone a longer life by almost up to 50%. The app is loaded with comprehensive analytics, but it is still ease and simple to use and supports 15 languages. One of the greatest features of this app is its ability to estimate the remaining battery time accurately. It also informs how long the battery will last in different situations and it helps to optimise power consumption with its Task Killer widget.

The 3 stage charging system also allows to regulate the manner in which the phone charges. The app also lets users know about memory and CPU usage, mobile network and Wi-fi information, hardware specs of the phone and disk system runtime. The app also lets one control settings via a home screen widget and also provides charging reminders.

  1. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver        Avast Battery Saver

This battery life saver app has a smart profile and it can automatically get activated based on time, location and battery level. It can identify and stop battery draining apps and precisely estimate the battery life remaining based on historical data and phone usage analytics. And to top of these, this app is free. The app turns off Wi-fi if no known hotspots are found and it also limits connection to the internet when the screen is turned off.

All energy consuming functions are turned off and an emergency mode is activated when the battery runs low to save battery when users actually need it. The app has 4 smart profiles that are preset and can be activated as per the user’s needs, such as the Night, Home, Work and Emergency profiles where each has predefined settings. Despite of having various preset profiles and features the app does not affect the voice calls, ring of the phone and SMS services.

  1. Battery Monitor Widget

Battery Monitor Widget        Battery Monitor Widget

This app with smart but simple and neat interface is free to use and is loaded with features including various widgets. The easy to use app has a circle widget which displays big numbers, a fuel widget indicating the battery left and also a neon gauge widget all of which give an idea on the amount of battery consumed and amount left. Apart from this the app also has a battery indicator on the notification bar and also rings off alarms and notifications regularly. The app provides weekly as well as general statistics on the battery usage and reasons for power draining along with charts to display the battery usage. This app combines features along with a great interface.

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  1. Juice Defender Battery Saver

JuiceDefender        JuiceDefender

This favourite battery saver app along with being free is loaded with convenient battery saving preset options such as one touch power optimisation, presets for mobile data and Wifi toggles and battery widgets too. It is easy to use and intuitive interface allows customisation to improve battery life automatically. The app transparently manages 3G/4G connections and Wifi, both thought to be most battery draining components.

The app has 5 pre-set profiles, including default mode to customisable mode, comprehensive connectivity scheduling, identifying peak time schedule, night time and weekend-weekday schedules. Additionally, it also has a connectivity control for specific apps along with interactive training mode for the apps. Other mentionable features of the app include scaling of CPU when the phone is idle, smart brightness control, a complete log of activities and control of Bluetooth with automatic reconnect.

  1. Battery Defender- 1 Tap Saver

Battery Defender        Battery Defender

This free app is easy to install and it automatically displays battery percent in the notification bar combined with a switch for Wifi, Bluetooth and data. The one tap screen helps save battery automatically disabling data and Wifi connections if the screen is turned off and the genius sync feature of this app allows an app to sync every 15 minutes without draining battery. The app also has an adjustable option to disable Wifi connections and data networks while sleeping and the time can be entered manually. In case of low battery scenario the app disables data network and Wifi, if they are not in use. This app is ideal for turning off unwanted connectivity when not in use.

  1. GO Battery Saver and Power Widget

GO Battery Saver        GO Battery Saver

This free app promises to do away with charging the phone mid-day and helps extend battery life. This app merges ease of use with interesting features and intuitive design. The app has 6 default modes that help consume battery such as general save, conference save, long standby, etc., along with customisable modes, all of which allow enabling or disabling phone features to extend the battery life. The other features include power testing, toggle control, accurate estimation of battery remaining time, and estimation of extension of battery if Wifi, Bluetooth, etc., are shut down combined in an easy to navigate layout.

A useful widget is included too, that lets users see the basic information and switch modes to help improve battery performance and assists users to personalise the user interface design. The app also has a battery consumption optimisation button which can kill tasks to end open processes. Apart from displaying battery consumption percentage of each hardware and app this application also has a charging maintenance feature that helps keep the charging process safe and healthy.

All of the above stated battery-saving apps have great features and the best can be chosen as per the user’s preferences. If you know any other good Battery saver App, then let us know by commenting below.

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