Top 5 Best Air Conditioner Brands In India

Top 5 Best Air Conditioner Brands In India ?

With scorching summer and rising heat, it gets simply impossible to live without an air conditioner today. Not only does it cool down the temperature of a room, but it also clears the environment by keeping it clean. If you too are planning to buy an ac, then you must not only buy it based on its price factor. You should consider the size of the room in which it will be installed. Also keep note that switching on and then switching it off in short intervals, will waste tons of energy, thus you need to be careful about this.

Admittedly, there are many brands of AC in India. But there are some which outdo others to gain the top positions. Let us go through the list of the top 5  best Air Conditioner Brands in India here.

Samsung Air Conditioners

They are featured with de-humidification. They are energy star rated and have automatic and turbo cleaning process. These ACs turn your home into a cleaner zone, healthier and also eradicate bacteria, thus preventing you and your family from different types of health problems including allergy.

The virus doctor S plasma technology of these ACs fights with bacteria and creates an idea climate condition. Samsung ACs are available in three forms- floor standing, split and window.

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LG Air Conditioner

LG’s AC is definitely a smart cooler that comes with virus allergy and a plasmaster cyclotron filter. It also has advanced antibacterial and triple filter technology. Not only they look stylish, but they are smart enough to provide you with clear and cool air. It also comes with self cleansing coils which minutely removes dust particles. LG AC’s are available in two types, i.e. Split and Window.

Voltas Air Conditioner

Voltas was established in 1954 and is one of the leading refrigeration brands. This company chiefly deals with air conditioning and cooling appliances and is also renowned for manufacturing frock lift trucks. It works towards providing you with cleaner and fresh environment and removes dust particles fighting away diseases that are caused by bacteria and virus present in the air.

In collaboration with Tata Sons Limited and Volkart Brothers, which is a Swiss company, Voltas was formed and its very first split AC was introduced in 1984. Voltas AC’s are also available in two forms i.e. Spliit and Window.

Sharp Air Conditioners

Sharp has a flotilla of AC’s to offer that come with highly developed air conditioning system and works best for all kinds of indoor needs. You can select from floor ceiling, wall-mounted and the floor standing, which has been introduced off late, so that people with all kinds of requirements can take benefit of it.

Sharp also has a special portable AC that comes with a good airflow capacity, which runs on a silent operating system. Their AC’s have been quite smartly and sharply designed, they are extremely light with no cluttering and they are also portable.

Blue Star Air Conditioners

Air conditioners from Blue Star are available in wide forms and varieties. They have star rated window ACS, cassette air conditioners, concealed split ACS, verticool split ACS and split AC.

The products from Blue Star are of high quality and durable and run wonderfully for all kinds of residential, commercial and corporate needs. They also come with wireless remote and user friendly operation. They have the sophisticated Three Phase Advantage, Anti-corrosive Blue Fin Copper Condenser, Dust Filter, Hydrophilic Blue Evaporator Fins and many more added features. At the same time they are energy efficient too.

Thus, these are the top Air conditioners in India. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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