Best Washing Machine In India

Best Washing Machine In India ?

How will it smell when you find a huge pile of untidy clothes in your room? Will you love that stinky smell? You should definitely try to wash them at the earliest, but in the easiest way possible. And to help you get rid of dirty and stinky clothes, you can use those amazing machines, which are designed to wash clothes. Thanks to improved technological advances in India, you will now get good brands of washing machines here.

Samsung Washing Machine

Image: Flickr/Samsung Belgium

In this article you can know about the five best brands of washing machines in India in brief. These five brands are available in the Indian Market, and you can shop them online too. Most of these brands offer affordable price ranges and you can buy them without spending a huge amount of money.

The 5 top washing machines of India

1. IFB Washing machines

These washing machines are one of the best brands you can find in India. They are made up with German technology along with the features like aqua energie, 3D wash facility to help the detergents work easily. Your clothes will remain softer too. You will need water, electricity and washing powder- all in a little scale in these washing machines. They are improvised with smart sensor, which helps in balancing during the spin. With its shower facility, it jets the water in the paddles to soak the water. Some of the popular IFB washing machines models are as follows..

IFB Eva Aqua VX 5.5 kg -> Rs. 22990

IFB Elena Aqua SX 6 kg -> Rs. 26,290

IFB Senorita Aqua VX 6 kg ->  Rs. 26890

IFB Senorita Aqua VX 6.5 kg -> Rs. 28,990

IFB Senorita Aqua SX – 6.5 KG -> Rs. 31,690

2. LG Washing machines

With the best technology and latest designs LG is another most popular brand in India. This South Korean multinational corporation offers you a huge variety of washing machines. They are too beautiful to look at, both in designs and colors. LG, being the leading manufacturer of washing machines, has produced different types of products like – front loading washing machine, top loading washing machine, washer dryers, and semi-automatic washing machines. The features like inverter direct drive technology, intensive wash, wrinkle prevention, medic rinse, and hygienic wash are present in LG washing machines. Some of the popular LG washing machines models are as follows..

LG T72CMG22P 6.2 kg -> Rs. 16,490

LG WF-T7519PR 6.5 kg -> Rs. 19,490

LG F8091MDL2 5.5 kg -> Rs. 23,690

LG F1091NDL2 6 kg -> Rs. 27,790

3. Samsung washing machines

This is also a very popular and common brand in India, and again you have this South Korean manufacturer as another leading brand. Their washing machines assure you a gentle and effective wash. You will experience a hazard-free washing with Samsung washing machines. They are featured with quiet drive motor, Eco bubble technology, aqua control technology, and Eco drum clean. Some of the popular Samsung washing machines models are as follows..

Samsung WA80E5YEC 6 kg -> Rs. 12,960

Samsung WA62H3H5QRP 6.2 kg -> Rs. 15,990

Samsung WA62H4200HB 6.2 kg -> Rs. 17,490

Samsung WF1600NCW/TL 6 kg -> Rs. 23,500

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4. Whirlpool washing machines

This multinational manufacturer of America offers you the washing machines of high quality and people are truly satisfied with their function. It comes with some unique features like 6th sense hot wash, spa wash system, 99.9% germ protection, agitronics, Dmax technology and tumble care. They also have cool variations. Some of the popular Whirlpool washing machines models are as follows..

Whirlpool ACE 6.5 Supreme Plus 6.5 kg -> Rs. 9,990

Whirlpool AG Power Wash 6512SD 6.5 kg -> Rs. 18,990

Whirlpool AG Power Wash 7212SD 7.2 kg -> Rs. 20,790

Whirlpool Bloom Wash 8013H 8 kg -> Rs. 26,990

5. Godrej washing machines

Now it is an Indian multinational corporation from Mumbai, Maharashtra and they have their huge collection of washing machines for the Indian buyers. The special features of these machines include cloth load indicator, gravity drum, Aqua jet pulsator, and cascade waterfall effects. Some of the popular Godrej washing machines models are as follows..

Godrej GWS 6203 PPD Twin Tub 6.2 kg -> Rs. 8690

Godrej WT 600C 6 kg -> Rs. 11,990

Godrej WT 620 CFS 6.2 kg -> Rs. 13,700

Godrej WT EON 650 PHU 6.5 kg -> Rs. 23,650

These machines can be purchased from their manufacturers as well as from different retailers and online stores. Thus, this was the five best Washing machine brands in India. If you know any other good brand, then let us know in the comments below. We will love to hear from you.

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