Best Free Word Processing Apps For Android

Whenever you heard about the word processing  then simply one name that comes in our judgement that is “Microsoft Office Word”.  With the development of technology now numerous word processing apps are available for android tablets and smart phones which are free and paid too. You may get these apps from Google play store.

In our busy schedule many of us don’t get time to open PC or laptop and we want to continue our work  in smart phones, for example,  creating PDF documents, Microsoft word files and excel files.  So, here are the best free word processing apps  for your android devices that I have already tried and worked extremely well.


1. Quick Office

This is highly recommended app accessible from the Google play store. With this app you can easily create and edit Microsoft word document, Spreadsheet, Presentation and save it to your internal storage or Google drive.  I personally liked this app because this app is very easy to use.

This app also permits you to open PDF documents,  Create and open word, excel and PowerPoint files. I truly love written work in Quick Office word editor, you have the option to change font color, font style, etc.  Later, you can additionally open your saved records from Google drive and make any improvement if you need.


2. Documents to go

This app gives you access to create and edit Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint files . There is no sign up account is necessary to utilize this app. You can also save your files to Google drive, Drop box, One Drive where ever you need. There are lots of other options in the settings of “documents to go” for example,.  Insert hyperlink, table, any bookmark, page break etc,. Which are very straightforward.

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3. Office Suite 7 free

This is another reliable editor that permits you to create and edit Microsoft word , excel and PDF files. At the same time, for creating  PDF files  you have to update this app to the premium feature.  This app is Believe to be the NO. 1 app in Google play store business category.

When I installed this app I was little confused that how to use this app because it was indicating that download needed for Office Suite 7,  but that feature was Premium. If you need additional features than you can update this app to premium. I simply skipped that step and afterwards I looked into all the settings of Office Suite 7 for example font size, font color, font type and more. I really find this app intuitive and easy to use.

4. Kingsoft office + PDF

Kingsoft has got all the editing features like the rest apps. If you are searching for best word processing in the Google play store then no doubt Kingsoft will come on top. It allows you to write and save Word, Excel and PDF documents and, later If you need to create backup of your files then you can save it in the Drop Box, Google Drive and

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5. Google Docs

Google Docs app is really straightforward and easy to use, With this app you can create new documents, Upload photos, videos  and afterwards save your work in the Google drive that provides you 15 GB of storage at free.

In addition, this app delivers a benefit if you need to open any other files that is saved in your PC or Laptop you can undoubtedly open that files with Google Docs and you don’t  require any internet connection to create or save files.  Google docs automatically saves  all your files so you don’t have to stress over losing your work.


So, these are the best word processing apps that you can use for your android tablets or Smart phones. Do try these apps and let me know which one you like most. If you know any other great word processing apps, then share in the comments below.

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