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How To Change Whatsapp Group Admin Or Add More Admins ?

Whatsapp is the most popular mobile messaging application that permits us to send instant messages, Images, Videos, Audio files and many more. Meanwhile, it also enables you to create groups and add up to 50 individuals in the group.

You might be wondering it is possible to change the admin role in Whatsapp group so that you could give the power to someone for adding and removing other members from the group. Now you can actually change the Admins part in Whatsapp. In the recent update of Whatsapp, now one can readily change the admin role in the group. Simply, follow the easy steps we have provided below.

Open your Whatsapp messenger and open the group where you wish to change the Admin. Once opened, press and hold the member’s name, now you will get five selections i.e. Message Member, call member, view member, remove member and add member to to group Admin.

Whatsapp admin


Note: you can also make admin to all the participants of your group.

Now click on the add member to the group admin and you are done. Now, Admins can remove any members from the group and they can even delete the entire group. Therefore, ensure that you are making admin to the right person.

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How to remove the Admins from the Whatsapp Group ?

Open your Whatsapp group, now click on the group name and you can see the participants. In order to remove the admin, tap and hold the member’s name for a few seconds until you see the options. Now, you can remove the member from the Admin’s role by clicking the remove member from group tab.

Whatsapp admin

Now the member is removed from the group, you can add the participant again as a regular normal member. Thus, this was the simple steps for changing and removing Admins from the Whatsapp group. If you have any concerns or suggestion, then post it in the comments below.

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