How To Disable Vodafone Pop-up Flash Message In Android


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Disable Vodafone Pop-up Flash Message In Android: When often a Vodafone flash Pop-up message appears on your Mobile screen, you find yourself very annoyed and if you click on that Flash message by mistake, they will charge a fee for this service. You might be tried deactivating flash messages and tried contacting Vodafone customer care, then also you are not able to succeed in deactivating flash messages.

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Don’t worry we have the easy solution for you, Follow the simple step by step procedures for deactivating Vodafone flash pop-up messages.

-Find the Vodafone Services from your Mobile menu

-Now click on the Vodafone Services and you will see a Flash option

-Simply, select the flash option and you can find Activate, Deactivate and Launch Flash

-Click on the Deactivate and you are done

-Now you have deactivated the Vodafone Pop-up flash message

If you are getting problem in deactivating Flash message, then comment below so we can help you.

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  1. I can see the Flash option in my phone (Moto G2)But even if i click on that Flash option it is not taking me to further option. Please suggest.

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