Download WhatsApp For Bada OS, Samsung Phones, Java Phones In Easy Steps

Download WhatsApp For Bada OS, Samsung Phones, Java Phones In Easy Steps ?

Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp Messenger

WhatsApp, a cross platform messaging application, has taken the app world by storm with users considering it an essential app for every phone. And some devices are even providing the app pre-installed.

Availability on WhatsApp on different OS

WhatsApp allows free messaging across various platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. And it has features that allow sharing of images, videos and voice messages too and that too at free of cost as compared to an SMS. The popularity of WhatsApp has definitely soared over time, which is proved by the fact that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg even bought the company in 2014, for a mind-boggling 19 million dollars, which ascertains the appeal and scope of growth of the messaging tool.

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Whatspp for Bada OS

Though WhatsApp has been available for most platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows, it was not available on other operating system platforms such as a Samsung Bada operating system before.

However, it is not a matter to fret about because WhatsApp can now even be downloaded on Samsung Bada OS. After WhatsApp’s acquisition by Facebook the features and updates are enhanced. And this allows Bada OS to download WhatsApp, and these features are expected to be updated further in the future.

How to download WhatsApp for Bada and Java Phones?

The following steps will guide users to easily download WhatsApp on a Bada operating system:

  • The first step is to download a WhatsApp Bada .jar file
  • The second file to be downloaded is an .exe file for WhatsApp for the Bada operating system
  • After downloading both these files on your desktop or laptop the Bada mobile device needs to be connected to the PC via a USB cable
  • After connecting the phone copy the two downloaded files on to the Bada OS mobile and then unplug the USB
  • After copying the both files, restart the mobile device and then install the two copied files in your phone
  • The WhatsApp application is now downloaded on to the Samsung Bada mobile, and that too for free and is ready to be used.

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These easy steps can help downloading WhatsApp on a Samsung Bada OS mobile phone. And users can access all the features of WhatsApp such as voice messages, image and video sharing, sharing of location, barring of advertisements, back up of WhatsApp conversations, groups and display or blocking of last seen information.

Bada operating system

Bada operating system is an OS developed for mobile phones including smart phones and tablet computers by Samsung Electronics and therefore the operating system is also known as Samsung Bada. When this operating system was developed applications such as WhatsApp were not developed for it.

If you are getting any problem installing WhatsApp on your Bada phone, then tell us in the comment below. We will love to help you.

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