How To Activate iConnect Axis Bank Internet Banking

Copyright Axis Bank

Copyright Axis Bank

How to Activate iConnect Axis Bank Internet Banking

Axis bank has proved itself to be a leader in private banking sector. It is always been instrumental in bringing advanced technology for its customers. One of such fine instances of Axis bank’s technological advancement is its Net Banking service. Officially known as iConnect, this service helps you to know your bank balance and conduct daily transactions in a few minutes.

How to Activate iConnect Axis Bank

You don’t need to register or apply separately for iConnect. After you open current or saving account with Axis Bank, you will be offered the net banking services. As you allow net banking, Axis Bank will give you a document, which will have your Customer ID. Additionally, Axis Bank will send you Net banking password in closed envelope to your address. Once you carefully open the sealed envelope, you will get your Net banking Password.

Activating  iConnect

  1. Go to the official Axis bank website
  2. Now, Click Login button which will appear on the right side on your computer screen under the ‘Internet Banking’ tab.
  3. Now, Click Continue to login.
  4. For first time users, you need to register. You need to choose ‘Click Here’ option, and you will see a new window opening.
  5. Now you will be taken to the next page i.e Generate your Internet Banking passwords.
  6. Click on the Continue Button.
  7. After this, fill your Login ID i.e. Customer ID and account number as well as mobile number (the number which you have provided to your bank earlier) and proceed by clicking Submit (You can easily find Login ID, account number and you registered mobile number on your check book.)
  8. Now you can easily check your Bank Account details as well as you can change your password.

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A few tips for the first time iConnect users

  • For first time users it is always recommended to re-set your password for safety purposes.
  • If you face any problems in activation Net Banking service, then you can visit your nearest Axis Bank.
  • You can go through a Demo before proceeding by clicking on- Axis Bank Netbanking Activation Demo

Various Services Provided By iConnect:

  1. You can transfer money to home as well as non-home bank accounts all over the country.
  2. You can make demand draft online using iConnect.
  3. You can enjoy online shopping with the help of  iConnect. For example, you can buy movie tickets, shop online stuff using this service.
  4. You can even re-issue check book online. No need to go to bank for this!
  5. You can multi-task sitting at one place as you can open fixed deposit account, make online payments to different banking services and manage your demat account too! All is just a click away!

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