How To Create Facebook Business Page

How To Create Facebook Business Page

Facebook is one of the most used websites these days which is not only good for social networking but also for business purpose now. The time has finally arrived when Facebook is considered to be a “Good idea” for the business that makes their marketing strategy very smart. Now Facebook has introduced their own business page in which you can share it on the timeline and show it to the world and your friends and now you don’t have to poke to make them come on their page as Facebook is considered to be the social networking pro. The following are the steps you need to take to make yourself a business page that is professional, so get started with your new business Facebook page today.


  • First go to, type your Username and Password and log in to your account.
  •  After that click on the top right hand side gear logo and click on advertise you can see Step 1: Build your facebook page, Now click on “Create a Page”  OR go to
  • Once you there,  you have to select the category from the classifications like:-

           1. Artist,Band,or Public Figure

           2. Local Business or Place

           3. Company,Organization or Institution

           4. Brand or product

           5. Entertainment

           6. Cause of community


These are the given information so in that you have to choose the category which you think is right for yourself and fill out your business name.

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Further information will also be asked but make sure that the given categories and the name cannot be changed later once you already created the page so be smart and fill the information wisely because if you do a little mistake, the whole page will be entirely deleted and you will have to make a new one.


Complete Information

1. About Section


Now you need to write is your information in the “About” column. You should write atleast 2.3 sentences about your company as the information that you provide will be showing on your main page so make it good and strong. Also with the information, make sure to link your company website as that information will make your brand look different and making your page will also make it look good to have as many as followers you can.

2. Upload your Picture

deepak 2

On your main page, you will have the icon of uploading page so upload the main photo on your age. The photo will be reflecting your brand and that photo should be your company logo because if you write any posts or comment, your photo will be a part of your page which everyone will get to see. The dimensions of your profile picture will be 180 x 180  that will hope fully shrink your page and make it look like 125×125.

3. Add to favourites

deepak 3

Now here, you can add your page to your favourite list or simple you can skip this step. But I recommend you should add your page to favourite list.

4. Work on your Admin Panel

When you are managing your business page, admin panel is the main hub here. It basically has many features and options that you need to update your page and use your page like these.

Edit page

Edit option is on the upper right that gives you many options like the first option of “update info”, that option basically allows you to update the information that you have provided before. Also you can extend the information that you have provided earlier. As many followers will click on your About Business page so it should be fine as it feel be pretty good to share a detailed info in your description.


Also you can manage the role of page administrators that allows you to invite many employees from your business and allows them to join the Facebook page so that they can comment or respond or message without giving them the whole power on your business page. The other options that are provided under the ”Edit page” allows you to manage the notifications and also adds up the page permissions.


5. Build your audience

Often when we start our business facebook page, we land up inviting our users but that’s not the only way you can do. You need to make sure that your page should be filled with content so that next time you invite your other brand advocates and start engaging yourself with other content.

Once the interactions start happening on your page, you can have more fans and contacts and then they will be interested to like the page whenever they are checking facebook. From that given point, your time has now arrived to use the Facebook’s advertising tools to later promote your facebook business page.


Content Information


1. Cover photo


The new timeline has come out with a new feature of cover photo that will display your picture on the main page of your business page. The dimensions of the cover photo should be around 851×315 but you have to make sure in choosing the right picture that should be horizontal image that will make the users who land on your page understand it quite simply.


2. Custom Tabs

The best part of facebook here is that it allows you to have as many as tabs you want. Also you can customize your options so that whatever appears on the page should be better for the user. Make sure that you think right while choosing in those four slots whether its the events or photos or groups etc. Keep in your head that if you use it as a the third party with applications, you should use the tabs that is shown on facebook and is not on the third party given server.


3. Posts

Whenever you choose to write any posts, make sure that you have a detailed content. You can click the little star on the upper right of any post across your entire page, not only this will make it look like you have a good cover photo but it will also be showing on your timeline posts that will somehow highlight the page in your company history. You can also post on your product announcements, business events, anniversaries etc that is related to your brand.


4. Monitor your account

Once your facebook page has started and turns out to be good, make sure that your interacting with your fans. On the upper right of the Admin Panel you will be seeing the private messages that the users are sending to your page,on the upper left you will be seeing all the posts that are liked by the users and you can comment on that. Make sure to respond on those comments and messages as your fans should know that you care about them and your questions.


5. Measure your given efforts

Now that you have made your facebook business page that basically represents your business, its time for you to measure your efforts and make sure of making marketing decisions on your account. You need to click on the “View Insights” option that is next to the bottom center of your admin panel, in that you will be able to reach  the information related to how to grown and adapt your marketing efforts and know what’s working or what’s not working.

By following these steps your business facebook page is made and it can be a great success if you start doing it. I hope this information was useful..


Note: All logos and trademarks in this post are belongs to Facebook Inc.


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