How To Hide WhatsApp Images And Videos From Gallery

WhatsApp has taken the app world by storm and a person not using this instant messaging application on their phone is considered to be out of sync with the times. But often users face the problem of not being able to hide private Whatsapp images from being seen in the gallery and are reluctant to hand the phone to others. But there is a solution to that too.

Ways to Hide WhatsApp Images and Videos from Gallery

If you believe that locking WhatsApp using applications such as AppsLock would help, then you are probably on the wrong side. This app does not block images from being seen in the phone’s gallery. The entire gallery can also be locked using apps such as GalleryLock but that will not let the user view other images as well without the password.

Instead of going through so much trouble you can block WhatsApp images and video folders without rooting the phone or without installing any third party external application. To hide WhatsApp images from gallery on an Android device one only needs a file manager app to access the WhatsApp directory on the SD card. You can even install ES file explorer from the play store. And then the following steps need to be followed:

  • After the file manager is opened, navigate to WhatsApp media folder, which is found under the Home-sdcard- WhatsApp -Media.
  • Once the Media folder is opened a sub-folder named WhatsApp Images is seen which needs to be renamed by adding a period that is a “.” in front of it. Then the folder name changes to “.WhatsApp Images”.
  • The folder can be renamed in ES File Explorer by long pressing the folder. And then at the bottom of the screen the rename option appears.
  • After changing the name of the folder the WhatsApp images or videos will not be visible in the gallery.
  • If the images need to be seen in the gallery, then one can easily remove the period mark or the “.” symbol from the WhatsApp images folder and redo the effect.
  • The logic behind this is – in Android, which is based on the Linux kernel, any folder can be hidden by adding a period in front of the folder name.

For those using WhatsApp on an iPhone the images and video folder can be hidden by going to the privacy setting option, selecting photos and turning WhatsApp off.

WhatsApp – One of the Most Popular Cross Platform Messaging Apps

WhatsApp, for those living under a rock, is a cross platform messaging app for mobiles that allows one to exchange messages, images, etc., without having to pay like for an SMS. And this application is available for platforms such as BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia and users can communicate across these platforms with each other. WhatsApp, apart from sharing messages, also lets one share images and videos instantly and from all corners of the world.

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