How To Use Icicibank Netbanking Safely


Netbanking has only made our lives easier. It has added to our convenience allowing us to take control of our time. Icici net banking offers you not only convenience but also a secure and safe atmosphere for your financial transactions. Now, you can manage your finances securely from home or office any time of the day or night. Book tickets, pay bills, shop or transfer funds with just a few clicks via icicibank netbanking.

As a customer, you too have some responsibilities on making wise use of these net banking facilities and take some extra precautions so as to add to the security offered by ICICI. One should always keep an eye on their online transactions and monitor their account regularly. This will bring any fraudulent transactions or deceitful activities to notice and one can inform the ICICI bank authorities immediately. The earlier you locate a fraud, the lower are the financial losses.

Another good practice to follow is to minimize the use of personal documents and cheques, especially when you are transferring funds online between your ICICI Bank accounts or non-ICICI Bank customers. It will help if you manage your online ICICI Banking relationships at It is best to register yourself for Mobile Banking and get alerts and other messages for all transactions in your account. For any query, one can always get in touch with the bank via the secure mailbox option – Write to Account Manager

Some useful tips to follow for your safety when netbanking

  • When logging in, check the url of the ICICIBank which should be Do not click on a link that takes you to the another website.
  • Never access your Internet Banking account from a shared computer or a cyber café. But in case you have to use a shared computer, ALWAYS change the passwords immediately.
  • Log off from the ICICI Bank website and do not just shut down the browser after completing your online banking session.
  •  Disable the “Auto Complete” function to increase the security.
  • One should never answer an email asking you to confirm your bank account details or validate your account or if asking for credit card details


Tips regarding your password

  • Make sure your passwords are complex and difficult to guess. Use letters, numbers as well as special characters to create your passwords.
  • Don’t make obvious passwords with numbers like your phone number, nicknames, address, birthdays etc.
  •  It is best to maintain different passwords for log insand transactions for additional security.
  • Use different password if carrying more than one banking id.

Just keep the above points in mind to enjoy netbanking safely. ICICI bank makes sure that its customers get a completely safe atmosphere for their banking and their personal and financial information is kept safe from prying eyes.

Image: Icici Bank

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