Idea APN Setting For Android

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Idea APN Setting For Android

Occasionally you are not able to activate internet on your Phone, trying calling customer care for help, then also you won’t succeed in activating Internet. We have provided the Manual  Idea APN setting below for 2G&3G. You can also get internet setting by SMS, Type SMS SET from your Idea phone and send it to 54671. You will get an SMS after a short time.

Manual  Idea APN setting for 2G/3G

Go to the settings of your phone, Now click on the Wireless & Networks, and then select Mobile Networks, Now select Access Point Name(APN). Now click on the New APN, at present you can see there are many options like Name, APN, Proxy, Username, Password, MCC, MNC, etc.

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Simply, type IDEA in the name field and internet in the APN field. Don’t make any changes to the other options, Now save the setting and restart your phone. Now you have successfully activated Idea Internet on your phone.

This setting will work in all the cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Kerala, Chennai, Hyderabad, Banglore, Pune, etc. In case, you are getting any problem in accessing the Idea Internet then comment below, we will love to help you.

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