How To Lock Screen On Android Smartphones : Pattern, Pin & Password

How To Lock Screen On Android Smartphone : Pattern, Pin & Password

If you are looking how to lock screen on your Android Smartphone, then you definitely come to the right place. Unlocking the device is very crucial because it contains your important and personal information and you don’t want others to look into your Smartphone, you can easily lock your Android device without any difficulty. Simply , follow the easy steps we have provided below.

Screen Lock

There are three types of security methods are available, i.e. Pattern, Pin and Password.

1. Pattern Lock: To activate the pattern lock on your Android device, go to the settings of your phone and select Security -> Screen security -> Screen lock. Now you can view there are three options available i.e. Pattern, Pin & Password. Select the first option that is a Pattern Unlock. Now you can see 9 dots, you can draw a pattern that you would like to set.

Pattern Lock

Note: You will have to connect a minimum of  4 dots to activate the pattern lock.

Now you can draw a pattern of your choice, now once again you have to draw the same pattern for confirmation. Once you have selected the lock pattern, then click on the confirm tab. Now you have successfully set the pattern screen lock.

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2. Pin lock: To activate pin lock on your Android Smartphone, go to Settings -> Security -> Screen security -> Screen lock. Now select the pin option and enter the pin you really want.

Pin Lock

Note: You will need to enter minimum four digits and maximum up to 16 digits to activate the pin pattern. Don’t set the easy numbers such as your ATM pin, date of birth, etc.., Choose the complicated digits that you can memorize but hard to guess for others.

Now, choose the pin of your liking and click on the continue tab. Presently, type the same pin for confirmation and click on the OK.

3. Password: To activate a password lock option on your Android Smartphone, go to Settings -> Security -> Screen security -> Screen lock. Now choose the Password method and enter the password of your choice. Out of these three lock choices, this is the most secure option.

Password Lock

Note:  You will require at least four characters to activate password lock. You can set the password of your preference like your Google and Facebook passwords.

At present, enter the password and click on the continue tab. Once again, enter the same password for reconfirmation and click on the Ok button, and you are done.

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Now it’s time for you to decide which lock feature you would like to set. In case, if you forgot the password of your Screen lock, then you can recover the password by clicking the Forgot password option which is available on your home screen but for that you will be required your Google account password. So, make sure you remember your Google account password, otherwise  you will need to hard reset your phone and you will lose your important data.

Extra Options

  • You can visible & non visible lock screen passwords
  • You can set the timing of your lock screen display
  • You can select the power button to lock your screen or not
  • You can display your name on the lock screen

Thus, this was the easy procedure to set up lock screen feature on your Android device. Have anything to share with us, share it in the comments below.

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