10 most watched videos on YouTube


Thanks to this networking video sharing site, we get to see the most interesting as well weirdest videos in the world, as uploading the video and sharing it to the world is the most easiest thing no, all thanks to YouTube. Out of all the millions of videos available on YouTube, the following list shows the top most viewed videos on the earth, surely these videos are the most famous one but if you see, you will understand why they became so famous so here is the list featuring the top 10 most watched videos on YouTube. The videos are as follows….

1. Gangnam Style-Psy

When this video was out, the whole world died in curiosity regarding what the video is actually about and turns out, it was the most watched video in the whole world. Wow that shows how popular the Gangnam style got in maximun 51 days and still its going and making records as it is spooked by the celebrities and the singers all over the world, Way to go Psy,OPP OPP OPP…

2. Baby-Justin  Bieber

This YouTube /rockstar started his career from the YouTube and is now ruling YouTube on the second position. This Canadian singer got in the lime light when he got this Baby song which the world was listening and later it turns out to be the most seen video, you love it or you hate it but it had a view of  850,868,892, Way to go Bieber..

3. On the floor-Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull

When the two superstars of the singing industry is combined, the best video has to come out. Possibly the most bestest song produced by the two of them gave them 664,976,961 views on YouTube.This song was basically for the party generation people and turns out to be one of the most played song as well.

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4. Love the way you lie- Eminem ft Rihanna

This song is one of the most powerful lyric song featuring the three stars in the song that is the two famous singer, Rihanna and Eminem but along  one hollywood queen Megan Fox. The lyrics of this song is as powerful as the music and beats, giving this song an emotional effect. This song was not only on the first position on the billboards but also had a viewing of  557,817,208.

5. LMFAO,Park Rock Anthem ft Lauren Bennett,Goonrock

These party rockers gave 2011 a party anthem by LMFAO, this song was possibly playing in all the clubs and events and yes you surely move your feet whenever you hear this track, This video got 535,766,522 views till now  and still its been played.

6. Charlie bit my finger again…

This video got viral showcasing his brother biting him on his finger with the most cutest reaction ever. This video was watched by 522,494,062 times and you can watch it again and again because it is on of the most adorable videos on YouTube..

7. Waka Waka -Shakira

With a total view of  519,633,787, this song is ruling on the 7th positon. This song is basically a Anthem for the 2010 FIFA World cup.Featuring the past scenes of football and the future, this song is still been used for dance songs as well..

8. Bad Romance- Lady Gaga

She might have a different style then the rest of the singers but when it comes to her songs, she rules the charts as well because her personality, her songs, her tunes are similar to the things she faces in life. With a 517,604,937 views, Lady Gaga is ruling on the 8th position and also she has given a breakup anthem for all the girls in the world who faces a hard time.

9. Ai,Se Eu,Te,Pego-Michael Telo

If you are a major soccer fan then this song is meant for you as the world’s best footballers starts dancing on this song or even dedicates their goal dance on this song as it is one of the biggest spanish hit track so fat and still going on with the view of 496,443,264. This song is a major sports hit and ranks on the 9th position.

10. Carly Rae Jepsen-Call me maybe

This song got even more popular when Justin Bieber and his entourage made a video on this and uploaded on YouTube. This song has been a major hit and is used by all the leading teenagers as it has the most catching tune and lyrics which gives her the viewing of 447,223,829. One of my favorites track and surely Carly has got a major hit which keeps her safe on the 10th position.

These were the 10 most watched videos on YouTube, i Hope you liked it .

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