Download Opera Mini Browser For Android

This browser is believed to be the best application suited for android phones made by Sony, Samsung and Gionee to name a few. It is the fastest browser now available with more than 250 million using it for their internet browsing experience on their smart phones.

Key features

The loading of websites and pages is extremely quick. People always had problems when it came to heavy graphics and images loading on other browsers. The Opera Mini however loads them in a jiffy.

Internet bandwidth is a precious commodity for those using smart phones. They would like to get the maximum utility and value for money on their data expenditure. Thanks to the compression technology used by this Opera Mini browser, you can reduce your data utilization and thereby your costs as well. The technology used is unique to this browser.

The user interface is simple with bigger buttons. The layout is clear without any clutter and that again is something every user of the internet always looks for in a browser.

When surfing the internet on the smart phone, you need stability of bandwidth and a browser to make best use of the available bandwidth at that point in time. The Opera Mini does this effectively and ensures you are never cut off midway in your usage. You would not have to face the dreaded page freezing issues most of us are familiar with.

This browser is up with the rest when it comes to social media utility as well.

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Some new features

  • You can now set the sites you frequent often right on the home screen for faster access through the Speed Dial and there are no restrictions on the number of entries either.
  • The Smart Page is an introduction where you can get updates from Facebook and Twitter instantly along with other news content. You are thus never cut off from what is happening in the world and around you.
  • You can multitask and use tabs to switch pages that are open. You can even save pages for reading later on and for times when you do not have the internet connectivity.
  • The download manager enables you to get access to your favorite music and videos.

Download Opera Mini Browser For Android

Images: Opera Mini Browser

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