Download Photofunia App For Android

Download Photofunia App For Android

How often have you wanted to add something extra to the photos and images you send to friends? You want to make them look more unique and have always wanted an app that will enable you to do so. Well, the PhotoFunia is here to do just that for you. Manipulation of photos in the manner you want has never been so easy.

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Easy to use and great customization effects

The immediate aspect that strikes you about this app is its ease of usage. Within seconds you can make available a photo collage that is out of the ordinary and impress your friends. Adding funny, exotic effects to your photos is just a click away now. You can become an astronaut or the Santa Claus or see yourself adorning the billboards in the Times Square.

You can even frame your photos and keep them ready for that special occasion.

Brilliant effects and increasing all the time

At the heart of this application is the formidable library of effects that enables you to carve our images within seconds. You just have to think of one and there is your photo with that effect duly assigned. These are increasing even as this is being written. It takes just two simple steps to create your unique piece of art work and share it with friends. Write the graffiti of your choice or just make innovative road signs with the wonderful text effects. Add shadows to your photo or just have it in brilliant black and white using the Filters effect.

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Simple interface

This mobile app works superbly on smart phones, tablets and phablets. The difference between this one and conventional photo-editing tools is that it is able to integrate the face of the person into the selected stamp, painting or billboard. That is indeed a wonderful feature and makes the whole process a seamless and smooth one.

There are in excess of 150 scenes at the moment to explore and the simple interface makes it all the more attractive for anybody to experiment and enjoy this app. It is also a free app. I have given the downloading link below so, start using this beautiful android app.

Download Photofunia Apk For Android

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