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Copyright Punjab national bank

Copyright Punjab national bank

How to Activate Net Banking in Punjab National Bank?

Punjab National Bank or commonly known as PNB is one of the most successful banks in Indian history. The top-notch customer satisfaction and exemplary banking service has lured huge customer base towards the bank. With the advent of internet, the banking service reached out to a huge customer base and turned out to be the easiest way of accessing the banking service. Punjab National Bank offers a lot of privilege to its every distinguished member.

The account holders can access the internet banking service from anywhere, 24×7, even without stepping inside the bank physically. However, for such activities a customer needs to apply for internet banking application from your PNB Bank. After applying the application you will receive the unique identification number along with a password to your address.

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Process to Activate the Internet Banking in PNB

  • A user needs to follow these steps to begin with the secured internet banking process.
  • Visit the PNB net banking website here.
  • Once opened, click on Register here Under the new user? tab.
  • Now, a pop up window will appear on your screen.
  • Provide your User ID and read the important security tips to avoid any misuse.
  • Now, click on the continue button.
  • Enter your password, and then click on the submit button.
  • However, you will be given five attempts to type the ID and Password correctly. On failure, your internet banking password will be deactivated and you have to apply for it once again.
  • After the successful login, you need to change the Login Username as well as the password for a more secured process.
  • Remember, you have to enter alphanumeric password of a length minimum 6 and maximum 28 characters.

You are all done to handle your account online to check your account, transfer funds, book tickets and make payments online.

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Things to remember

  • In order to be at a safer side you should change the internet banking password at regular intervals. The Login and transaction password expires within 360 days. However, if internet banking is not used for certain duration, it stands blocked and the user needs to apply for a new one.
  • In any type of account related problem the user should visit the nearest PNB branch at the earliest.
  • Cases like lost or theft of internet banking details, the user should contact the bank and block the account to safeguard the account from unwanted act.


The Important Services Offered By Online Banking of Punjab National Bank:

The user can:

  • Apply for a home loan
  • Apply for a car loan
  • Apply for credit card
  • Make online payments

All the payment processes are secured and the details are maintained with privacy with the bank.

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