How To File RTI Online Application

How To File RTI Application Online?

Right to Information(RTI) is one of the strongest rights of an Indian citizen. You can avail any information from government offices, although this does not involve sensitive information. RTI is the best weapon in a citizen’s hand by which he/she can keep eye on the ruling government. But there is lot of reluctance among people about applying for RTI.

This is primarily because of the misconception about the process. That’s why people rather choose to stay away from it. After launch of RTI, in the initial period, the process was slow but as it has become online, it has become simpler. You do not need to have lots of computer knowledge for this. Basic awareness about computer and internet operations is enough. Online RTI Request Form Online RTI Request Form

RTI Application Filling Process:

Before getting started, you should have written down information on a piece of paper OR Microsoft word, Notepad. The information should be to-the-point and without any ambiguities. As if the filled information looks confusing, there are major chances that it will not be accepted and returned back to you.

A. Register

  • Got o official RTI website for Online RTI Request. The address is
  • Now, Move to Registration page by clicking Sign up here link and complete the form. The form asks you basic demographic information like User name, Password, Email-ID, Address, etc and will not take more than a minute. Please ensure that you enter exact email address as well as mobile number as you will be receiving response on your request through email and SMS alerts.
  • Once you submit the form online, you will get a confirmation email on your registered email ID which will have ‘Activation ID’. This ‘Activation ID’ should be entered in the form which comes after submission of the first form. This will activate your account and you are now all set to file RTI request.

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B. Request filling

1. After you log in your account Click to ‘Submit Request’  and read the guidelines to use RTI online portal, and then click “I have read and understood the above guidelines”. Now click Submit button. It will pre-populate the information you filled while registration. Please ensure that you submit your request to respective ministry and/ or government body. You can choose required department from drop-down menu.

2. After choosing respective department, Fill up your personal details and write down your request in the provided ‘Text box’. It is always better to keep all matter written and saved before getting started. In any case, if you are submitting any long document with request, please upload that document by pressing ‘Supporting Document’

3. After finishing the all steps, click ‘Submit’, Now your request is been filed. But the process will be finished only after you make payment.

C. Making Online Payment

The RTI request will be processed only after you pay the required fees. The payment is nominal about 10 rupees. But you have to make payment to finish the process. Payment process is not at all complicated.  With your bank account in state owned banks it becomes even easier. You can use internet banking (only few banks are supported; please check before proceeding) or using debit or credit cards of most of the banks. After payment is done you will receive an email and SMS alert about the confirmation.

Keep the Receipt and Registration number with you, save it for your future use. Thus, this was the easiest procedure to file RTI Application online.


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