How To Set Full Profile Picture On WhatsApp Without Cropping

How To Set Full Profile Picture On WhatsApp Without Cropping:

WhatsApp is the best and popular mobile messaging application. It allows you to send and receive messages, Videos, Images, Audio, Files and more. WhatsApp messenger has more than 600 million users worldwide as of October 2014. With WhatsApp you can even record your voice and send it to your friends. Additionally, It enables you to create groups and add up to 50 people. Thus, WhatsApp is the best messenger to connect with your Family and friends. It is totally free to download.

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When it comes to WhatsApp profile picture, Many of you may be wondering regarding how to Set full profile picture on WhatsApp without cropping. WhatsApp Messenger doesn’t allow you to set Fully profile picture, you need to crop the picture but you can’t set the full profile picture on WhatsApp. You don’t need to be worried about that, now there are many third party apps are available which allows you to set the full profile picture on Whatsapp without any cropping. But out of all these apps, I will point out a good app which I have already used as well as easy to use.

#SquareDroid full size photo: SquareDroid is a free Android application that permits you to set Full profile picture on Whatsapp and you can even share the full pictures in Instagram.

 #SquareDroid Full Size Photo

#SquareDroid Full Size Photo


How to set the full profile picture in WhatsApp Messenger?

#SquareDroid Full Size Photo

#SquareDroid Full Size Photo

Download SquareDroid app for Android from the link below. Once downloaded, install the app on your android device. Now open SquareDroid and pick a photo from your phone gallery which you want to set Whatsapp profile picture. Once selected, click on the top third icon on your screen, now select the image format you want to save PNG or JPG. Once selected click the ok button and save the picture. SquareDroid pictures will be saved in the #Square folder on your Mobile gallery. Now you can easily set full size photo on WhatsApp from the #Square folder.

Download #SquareDroid For Android

You can even change the background color and share your full pictures on Instagram. If you know some other good app that allows you to set Full profile on WhatsApp, then let us know by commenting below. We will love to hear from you.

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