Sun TV Network Phone Number, Office Address, Email Id And More

Sun TV Network Phone Number, Office Address, Email Id And More

Sun TV Network is one of the largest news channel group in India, which was founded by Kalanidhi Maran in the year 1993. Sun TV network is a part of the Sun group, which was the owner of the IPL team, i.e. Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2012. They have 33 TV Channels in India with many languages.

The company has more than 2,000 employees. Below we have provided Sun TV network contact information which includes their Office address, Phone number and Social Networks.

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Sun TV Network contact Information

Office address -> Sun TV Network Ltd, Murasoli Maran Towers, 73, MRC Nagar Main Road, MRC Nagar, Chennai, India – 600028 Phone number : 044 – 4467 6767

Website ->

Sun TV Network Social Networks

Facebook -> @Facebook

Twitter -> @Twitter

YouTube -> @YouTube

[You can follow Sun TV on their Social Media Platforms for latest updates and information.]

[If you have any query related to Sun TV or need any support, then you may contact on the above customer care number we have offered. You can also visit their website for more information and updates. You can email them about your queries and more. You will get replies to your message on your email id]

If the above contact details are not accurate, then tell us in the comment section.]

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  1. Hi, We have a home subscription from suntv for south indian programs and some national channels including news, movies etc. Ours is a malayali family based in karnataka state, and our special child likes to listen to malayalam melodies that falls under Surya Music in Malayalam menu. But, unfortunately we are bombarded by tamil songs in that menu, why? Under our subscription, if we wished to watch Tamil music, we could easily do so by selecting it, and I dont see malayalam songs telecast under Tamil menu at all! So, why penalise malayalies with Tamil songs? We are south indians and nothing against tamil or other songs, but under Malayalam menu, wish to get malayalam songs and other programs. Is that a crime to ask or wish for?
    I tried finding a Customer Feedback for Surya Music, but in vain. There is nothing as such existing, except this space. Hence I am posting it here.

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