How to Pay Tata Power Bill payment Online

Tata Power Bill payment Online: Paying bills online will make the payment process a lot easier. This can give you convenience, save you money and free up time. In terms of paying power bills online, you have plenty of options although you may have to combine various options. Tata Power is the biggest integrated power company in India that is globally present. As with other utility companies, Tata Power embraces the use of the internet to provide customers the convenience of paying their power bills online. This mode of payment often works through the use of a credit or debit card.

About Tata Power:  Tata Power is an electric utility corporation in India, that was established in the year 1911 by Dorabji Tata, Head office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra with more than 4,000 employees. It is a part of the Tata Group


Essential Points to Understand Before Paying a Tata Power Bill Online

  • Only full payments are allowed using credit/debit cards online– As a customer, you should know that when you use your credit or debit card for paying your Tata Power bill online, there is no part payment allowed.
  • Pay at least three days in Advance– When using your card, your payment must be made at least three days before your bill’s due date. This will help you avoid surcharge for paying late.
  • No TPDDL charge for RS 5000 limit– TPDDL doesn’t charge processing fees when you pay for your electricity bills with an Rs 5000 limit during a single billing cycle. When you pay more than Rs 5000, the Payment Gateway Bank or Credit Card Company will collect the charges or processing fees.
  • Number of contract account numbers for online payments– When you pay your electricity bills using the same debit or credit card, you can do this for five contract account numbers (CA nos) in a billing cycle.

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Tata Power Online Bill Payment?

Tata Power has an online bill payment portal that customers use for making bill payment in the internet. When paying your Tata Power bill Online, you need to visit Tata Power Consumer Portal at The company facilitates payment in the internet in post-login or pre-login payments .

  • Post-login payments– In this option, you need to login to your Tata Power Consumer Portal account along with your password and consumer number. You can choose to pay your electricity bills online by clicking “Payment Options,” then Online payment and pay your electricity bill.
  • Pre-Login Payments– You just need to click “Quick Bill Payment” under “Online Bill Payment” and then enter your consumer number and the amount to be paid.
  • Note- Consumer Number can be found on your tata power bill.

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Important Tips to Consider

When paying your power bills online, it is necessary to schedule a payment a number of days before the due date of bill. This will help you ensure that your payment is just on time especially when the due date falls on a holiday or weekend. Also, this provides you time to correct any mistakes when your payment won’t push through successfully due to some reasons.

Note: After paying bills you also have the option to download the payment receipt, So download it and save in your pc.

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