Teen Patti Game Download For Android

Teen Patti Game Download For Android

Teen patti is a new card game which has created lots of excitement among the game players. And you can enjoy this game while you are playing with your android device by simply using the Teen Patti app for android.

teen patti    teen patti

About Teen Patti

The word sounds very much Indian, but it has now become international. It is known by different names like “three cards bags” or “three cards poker”, or “Flush”. This is one of the common games played on various occasions; especially on Diwali and Holi among the Indian families.

Teen Patti by Octro is card game in which many players can participate. Players can play with bots (computer) as well as with their Facebook friends.

The Game

It has no boundaries. It can be played anywhere in the world. You can enjoy the game in public or private room, and you can invite per point.

In this card game what you win or lose is chip. These chips have no real cash value. So, the game is not real gambling. This app is free and players on loosing chips can buy new ones.

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The game uses international pack of 52 cards. 4 to 7 people can participate at a time. The highest ranking card is ace (high) and the lowest ranking is two (low). Before starting the game players have to decide the minimum value or stake of a pot. After this step, players take out their cash on the table at the center. Remember that there is only one winner in this game!

After keeping cash on table the dealer will deal the cards so that every player gets three cards. Players can choose to bet the cards or play without looking at the cards or play seen. The cards are ranked from highest to lowest values as following:

  • Trio – the highest
  • Pure sequence
  • Sequence – Run
  • Color – flush
  • Pair – two cards with same rank
  • High Card

Teen Patti has different types like ForeheadLuck, Five Card Stud, and Bust Card Draw.

So, start playing the Teen Patti game.

Download Teen Patti Game For Android

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