How To Download Torrent Files With IDM – Easy Steps

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Copyright uTorrent

How to Download Torrent Files With IDM ?

Downloading files through Torrent has become one the most basic tasks of this generation. Torrent is a tiny file that has .torrent extension, which allows you to download items of various niches. Among the most preferred downloading items through Torrent are the movies, games, music, videos and software. Depending on the seeds of a specific item the downloading speed is measured. The more seeds value implies greater download speed. However, files with minimal seeds can also be downloaded and IDM will help you through the process.

Download Torrent Files with IDM

ZBIGZ- Torrents to IDM

With the help of faster file transfer manager, IDM, you can download the files at faster rate. Well, for that you need to download the torrent file first. You can download torrent file from the well known or isohunt. There is no dearth of site from where you can make the download.

Torrent with IDM from ZBIGZ- steps to download

  • First of all download the torrent that you like (Limitation of free account is up to 1 GB)
  • Open the ZBIGZ site and visit its homepage
  • Now create new account with ZBIGZ, Once created
  • In the homepage you will find an option, upload torrent. Click on the option to upload the .torrent file and click GO
  • To cache your file it will take few minutes; you have to patiently wait for that
  • The next option that will appear in front of you will ask you to choose Free or Premium. Click the Free option to proceed if you are not a Premium member. Free account users can download 2 torrents at a time, while premium user can download unlimited files at a high speed
  • After the caching of the files are done, you have to click the Transfer button to download the torrent file
  • After the caching is complete, the file will be ready for download in a zip format
  • Installation of IDM (Internet Download Manager) is the next step
  • Download IDM to your PC
  • If you have already installed IDM to your PC, then go ahead
  • The torrent file will be downloaded through IDM (Torrent to IDM)

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There is nothing to worry if you don’t have IDM installed in your system. Torrent File will be installed in your system directly through the default download manager of the browser you are using.

You have the option to pause and resume the download within seven days through IDM, after which it will be removed. However, the premium account holders can get the benefit of permanently downloaded files of more than 1 GB of size.


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