UGVCL, MGVCL, PGVCL, And DGVCL Gujrat Electricity Bill Payment Online

Gujrat Electricity Bill Payment Online: Paying electricity bills every month by waiting in long queues is really disgusting. After having a hectic schedule throughout the week, who likes lining up in crowd and perspiring to pay the bills?

A Simple Online Payment Process for Gujarat

If you are residing in Gujarat, then there you go with an extremely comfortable and stress-free way out to pay your monthly electricity bills and that is online bill payment. Indeed, this up-to-date method of bill payment is easy and painless.   Now, the obvious question striking your mind is how to go on with the process of paying online bills.

Region Wise Bill Payment

You can disburse your bills through UGVCL, MGVCL, PGVCL, and DGVCL, depending on the region you come under. Providentially, the entire process is extremely simple. The entire state electricity board is divided into four segments namely

  • Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd
  • Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Ltd
  • Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Ltd
  • Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Ltd

All of them have their respective websites, helping you out through the process.

Check Out Your Vij and Enquire Bill Status

You just have to confirm which place or district you come under. In brief, you have to find out your place falls under the purview of which VIJ Ltd. According to the Vij, you can select the corresponding website and follow the inbuilt links to proceed further. Once you enquire your bill status, you can proceed to clear your payment. In addition, you can also download duplicate bills for your records.

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Process of bill payment

UGVCL(Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Ltd) electricity bill payment link:

MGVCL(Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Ltd) electricity bill payment link:

PGVCL(Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd) electricity bill payment link:

DGVCL(Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Ltd) electricity bill payment link:


In the first place, you will be asked to create a customer portal by signing up. It goes without saying that this is your unique identity profile in the website. You will find the option of online bill payment in the site, where you have to insert your valid email address and consumer number. You have to provide your details of the bank or the source of payment such as Credit or Debit card. However, if any discrepancy occurs while processing the payment, do not hesitate to contact the customer desk.

Multiple Activities Related To Bill Payment

With clearly decipherable website menus, you can carry out multiple activities related to bill payment, such as viewing payment history, downloading receipt, making multiple bill payments online, etc. Furthermore, the technology has made life so simple that you can receive your e-bill via email.

You can even apply for a new connection, lead extension or reduction, etc. Just follow the menus and you will reach the exact place. You will even have automatic bill calculator, where if you fill in the necessary credentials, you can get your bill value. So, for paying the electricity bills online, you just ought to have access to an internet connection and internet banking, through which you will make the payment.

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