How To Pay Your Vodafone Bill Payment Online


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Vodafone Bill Payment Online: Vodafone is the largest multinational telecommunications company and second largest mobile telecommunications company in the world. Vodafone was founded back in the year 1991 in Newbury, United kingdom and now has became the most used mobile network services all over the world. Its networks consist of  more than in 20 countries and partner networks are more than in 40 countries.

Vodafone provides many services like Online bill payment, Set caller tunes, download and play games, Vclub, News, Health, Astrology and more. Now we will discuss about how you can pay your Vodafone postpaid bill payment online with just a few clicks. You have two option of paying the Vodafone bill payment online.

1. Vodafone quick bill payment  (To use this method You don’t have to register your account with Vodafone to pay your bill).

You need to visit  Once it’s open, you will see two boxes, now here you can enter your Vodafone number twice and you could click proceed. Now, fill your email address where you want to receive your payment receipt, and enter the total Vodafone bill amount.

Now its very important step that is payment option you have to select the mode of payment you prefer like Credit card, Debit card, Net banking etc.  Once it’s selected, You could enter your card details properly and then click pay now. Wait until the transaction gets done.

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2. My Vodafone account (For this method you have to register your account with Vodafone to pay your bill)

Go to , and then click on register and fill your all details like mobile number, name, email etc.  Once you have registered your account with the Vodafone,  you can pay your bills at ease, you also have the option to check your bill details and account details online.

Now from your account at the top right side click Bills and payment and select  Make a Payment, enter your  bill amount to and select the payment option Credit card, Debit Card, Net banking etc. Now fill your payment details properly and click pay now and you are done.

So, take the advantage of online Vodafone bill payment service, this online method saves our time and most importantly we don’t have to go out constantly and wait in the queues to pay bills. So, this was the easiest steps taken for paying Vodafone bill.

Note: Do not share your Credit card, Debit card and net banking details to anyone to avoid any misuse.

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