6 Important Things You Need to Do After Installing WordPress


Do you want to start your own blog on WordPress? Millions of people across the globe today prefer to have their own blog where they can write about things that they want to write about and also about things that they have expertise about. WordPress makes it easier for many first time bloggers to get the kind of platform that they really require. However, installing WordPress is not the end of it because there are many other important things that you need to do to ensure that your WordPress blog is on the right track.

Here we take a look at six important things that you should not miss out after you have installed WordPress.

Add and Activate Theme

Now that you have already installed the WordPress it is time that you add some theme to your blog that will help you to make your blog look better. There are many themes that you can find in the WordPress or you can also download it from the internet and use it directly in your WordPress. However, it is always recommended that you go for professional and clean themes that offer better look to your blog rather than making it look too flashy.

On the other hand, you should also focus on the kind of topics that you are going to write. The theme of the blog should reflect and match with the content of the blog. Try and avoid themes that have too many graphics because it will only slow down the download especially with users that have slow internet connections.

Edit Permalinks

Editing permalinks is really important even before you actually start writing on the blog. Permalinks are relative URL of the post that appears in the address bar of the web browser. There are many first time bloggers that never really know about it and therefore they never change the permalinks that look very ugly and they are not SEO friendly. This means that the content that you will write will be having URL that is too hard to remember and not search engine friendly. Changing the permalinks through Settings tab in the Dashboard will make it easier for the first time users.

Activate Akismet

Akismet is really important to ensure that your blog does not get spam comments from spammers. This is a really good feature that you need to activate once you have installed WordPress. When you have installed WordPress you can use this from the plugin menu and Activate Akismet using the WordPress key. To do this you can get registered with WordPress and get the Akismet Key. Once you have entered the key in the configuration window you can activate Akismet to ensure that there are no unwanted messages and advertisements on your posts.

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Set Up Google Analytics

When you are starting with your blog you also need to set up options that can allow you to know how your blog is doing and therefore it is important to set up Google Analytics. It takes only around five minutes to set this up. Google Analytics will allow you to make sure that you know the kind of audience you are getting and you can target the blog readers accordingly.

It is always helpful to keep Google Analytics on the site so that you are well aware of how you can do better. You can create your account on Google Analytics and download the plugin and install it and activate it to track the blog audience information.

Install Google XML Sitemap

Sitemap is really important because it makes it easier for the search engines to know more about the content available on your blog. Hence, you need to make sure that you have something that allows you to create the sitemap of your blog once you have installed WordPress. For this you can install and activate Google XML Sitemap. It will create better sitemap every time you add new posts to your blog and this will allow you to make your WordPress blog SEO friendly and better in the future.

Update Your Profile

Not many first time blog users update their profile when they are on WordPress mainly because they are busier with the content rather than filling up their own information. However, updating the profile really helps because Google can track the information which is later used for the indexing of the site.

You also need to make sure that you keep your Facebook profile page and Twitter profile page updated and use it along with the WordPress blog that you have to promote your posts. In WordPress you can write few lines about yourself in the Contact Info section and that will help you to get better readers in the future as they can view your information and return to read more blogs in the future.

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